LENT – 14 Days of Ethical Lent

It’s that time of year again where people give up things they know are bad for them like smoking, too much chocolate, TV series etc. But a great idea for lent which doesn’t involve you actually giving up anything, just involves changing a few things around, is to use more sustainable products.

One of the important things about being an ethical consumer is actually acting on your beliefs and doing small things to give yourself the internal rewards you deserve. Simply giving up or changing one thing you use that YOU KNOW has been sourced unethically or tested on animals will bring you one step closer to being a more conscious consumer. Who doesn’t want to know they’re helping the environment, even if it’s through recycling??

STEP 1: Stop using one of your unethical products for the next two weeks

STEP 2: Purchase literally just ONE ethical product, even just soap or body wash

STEP 3: See if you like it and if you do CONTINUE TO USE IT.

Buying ethical products that are fairtrade and organic are SO MUCH better for the environment and the workers who really rely on that tiny bit extra you pay to give them a fair wage. So just start with one product and then see where it takes you!!



Sabrina & Medisa


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